Why do they come and Why are we here?

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Remembering... He Took My Place

A young boy with big sad brown eyes courageously stepped up to the front for prayer. His prayer? For God to heal his mom from a meth addiction and save her. He wants to experience his mother’s love and be a happy family. Why did he come? He came because maybe, just maybe God will answer his prayer. Maybe Jesus is real and will do a miracle in his mom. Just maybe there is hope for a life he so desperately wants. And, why are we here? We are here for him and every other person who walks through our doors wondering if today is the day that God will show up and bring a miracle. We are here to bring hope.

Jill came because she was invited by a friend. She gave her life to Jesus that day and got connected to the life of the church. A month before suddenly passing away, Jill sent a note of thanks telling us that her life had been radically changed. She felt at home and said that this had been the best year of her life! Everyone that knew her said she had told everyone about Jesus and her church. They said she was the happiest they had ever seen her. Why did she come? She came because maybe, just maybe, she could find healing, peace and happiness. She came so she could belong and be loved. Why are we here? We are here because, to us, connecting people to Jesus and the life of the church is a matter of life and death. We are here to welcome people and to create an atmosphere that puts them at ease. We are here so that just maybe this will be the beginning of the best year of their lives!

Looking over our team lists we had noticed some people have been missing. We immediately shot them a text or email, letting them know we missed them. It meant the world to them that we noticed and cared enough to reach out. People need to know they matter. If we don’t stop and take the time let them know we miss them, they’ll feel like they’re just another face, lost in the crowd, gone, potentially forgotten and eventually, they will leave, hurt, by us. People need to know that their presence matters. This goes for our teams and those in the seats. Who is on your team that has been missing or what seat is empty where that familiar face used to always be? Why are we here? We are here because people matter. We are the heartbeat of God to that isolated person. When we notice, they know that God sees them. Why do any of us show up? Why?

We are here to bring hope to that person expecting a miracle. To bring life to that person who thinks life may not be worth living. To bring community and family to those who want to be known, loved and cared for by God.

We are the church, the walking, breathing life blood of the body of Christ. We are here because people need to experience the love of Christ expressed and embodied in us. #expresslife #movelifeforward #peoplematter #teamchurch


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