Team Building – Stewarding People Well

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Team Building - Stewarding People Well

When we read the parable of the talents in Matthew 25, we see three different servants. Two who stewarded what the master gave them well and one who did not. When we realize, as leaders, that the resource God has put into our hands are people, then leading, serving, caring for and growing people becomes the most important thing we do!

To lead well, as leaders, we have to first look within ourselves and ask, which servant am I and do I steward people well? That was the beginning of my learning to lead teams well.

When I realized God had given these people to me to steward, and was asking me if I had cared for them, poured into them, brought them alongside and grown them into the leader they had been called to be, my focus changed. It was no longer about getting a bunch of people to do what needed to be done, it was all about loving and caring for them.

God has placed people in your hand and He is asking you as a team leader, a team builder, “what are you going to do with them?” God wants you to experience the joy of His pleasure that comes when from INVESTING in others.

Our team has grown in just a few short years, from 5 of us doing everything with a total of about 50 team members. Now we have 23 team leaders and over 200 team members.

We are going to talk about this in our Connections round tables and labs this year. I hope you are going to be here to join in the conversations all over our campus that will #movechurchforward #movelifeforward #leadwell


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