You Are Somebody

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You Did Not Deserve It

When I gave my life to Christ, I was in my early twenties. In the short span of my life, I had come to the place of being done. I had messed up, over and over again and in my mind, I deserved everything I got. It was all my fault and I was headed straight to hell, so nothing really mattered anymore. My life didn’t matter anymore.

This morning, God reminded me that, even though I was born a sinner and even though I messed up, I did not deserve the things that happened to me. When I was in the darkest of places and had fallen one last time, God in His loving grace and mercy, intervened. Taking me by the hand, He lifted me up and out of the pit I was in. He reminded me that my life was planned on purpose. That I mattered. That to Him, I was everything.

The journey from the pit of hell to living a blessed life is a lifelong journey. You may believe that the things that you’ve done or the things that have been done to you are what you deserve and that your life doesn’t matter. You may feel like you are a nobody and you can just disappear into the darkness and no one would ever notice.

This morning I am here to tell you that you are noticed and you do matter. I am living proof that God, in all of His love, wisdom, care, and extravagance, can transform a life. Your life is meant for significance and you matter! You are somebody and somebody out there is waiting for you to rise up from the pit of hell to rescue them. God want’s to lift you up today and let you know that you are somebody to Him. To Him, you are everything.


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