He Loves You

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He Loves You

I answered the phone only to hear my fathers voice. He was slow in speaking and his voice crackled as if he were holding back tears. He wanted to tell me what he never could. He wished he had said it earlier, but the words never came and even now it was hard for him to say them. Then there was a long pause as he tried to say these words just once. I let the silence hang in the air not wanting to help him get the words out, but I knew what he wanted to say. The words he could never say, I love you. And then I woke up. The words still hanging in my mind and my heart.

I know that I am not the only one who has longed for the love of a father. This morning as I read God’s word, I am bathed in the warmth and love of my heavenly father and somehow comforted in knowing that even though I never heard the words, I am dearly and completely loved by God.

Maybe you’ve never heard the words, I love you, from your parent, but know that you are greatly, wholly, and fully loved by God and He can fill that longing like no other thing or person can. Every night, throughout your day and every morning when you rise, the love of your father can wash over you and fill you completely. You are loved. You are noticed. God sees you. You are not alone. Sending you my love and prayers. Let God love you today.

Let me hear of your unfailing love each morning,
for I am trusting you.
Show me where to walk,
for I give myself to you. Psalm 143:8


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