Invisible People

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“In Plain Sight” was a television show about the witness protection program. The premise of the show was that people with a past are hiding in plain sight. People that may have normally been a prisoner are now in your neighborhood with a new identity and a new life.

There are people in your life right now, hiding in plain sight. They feel invisible and imprisoned and they think no one notices them or cares. They’re the people you walk past, the people who are sitting by themselves, the people who walk with their head down…what about them?

Not too long ago one of our team members popped in my head…she has been there, faithfully serving with her whole heart, but invisible to many. So, I shot her a quick note to say I see you, I notice you, you have value, you are not invisible. She responded…

Thank you so much for sending me this email. From time to time I struggle with mind monsters even though my heart for serving is not from a place to be recognize or noticed, however,  it is nice to receive confirmation every once in a while that I am valued, loved and a part of the church family for those times when I feel invisible and not part of the “in crowd “click”

Today, I want to challenge you to seek out those who think they are invisible, connect with them in some small way that lets them know they matter, they aren’t hidden. Let them see the Jesus in you that just might set them free to be welcomed, to be noticed, to be cared about. There are people all around you, hiding in plain sight that need you to be the one to care. Have a great day loving on people today! Be the church!

And note this: Some who seem least important now will be the greatest then, and some who are the greatest now will be least important then.” Luke 13:30


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