Jesus…He Took My Place

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Remembering... He Took My Place

I was in the driver’s seat even though I wasn’t old enough to drive. As I put my foot on the gas,the gears wouldn’t shift and the car quickly lunged only to drive into the side of another car parked on the side of the road. My friend, the owner of the car, pushed me out of the car and took my place in the driver’s seat as people began to surround the scene. As my friend sat there, it became glaringly obvious that he was about to take the blame for me. He was willingly going to bear the punishment for the incident, not only with the police, but with his parents. Uninsured and still in school, he took the blame and paid the price for me and my actions, my disobedience, my rebellion. For six months he paid, daily. I still am not quite sure why he did it. It could have been to save his own skin and the price he was paying was less than he would have gotten had the truth been told. I don’t know. But on that day, he chose to take my place and pay the price

That was decades ago and yet today, as I reflect on what Jesus did for me it flips back from my distant memories to remind me of the emotion that surrounded that night. Again, I ask why? Why would anyone do that for me? I don’t have the answer. But here is what I do know, I’m not remotely who I was then, and I’m not who I was when I realized that Jesus came, moved me out of the way, stood in my place and took my punishment for me. I am forever changed and forever grateful. I am overcome by the love of God and the grace that He has lavished on me. Who knows what I would have become or where I would be had it not been for the willing sacrifice of our Savior? I know, and I think God would want you to know, there is nothing you have ever done that would cause Him to pause. There is no sin or crime too great that has not been paid for. Jesus did that for you and I. I can’t answer the why. All I can tell you is that He said you and I were worth it. #movelifeforward #overcomebygrace #saved #Jesus


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