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Go For Your Moments

Today it begins for many families. School is back in session and the craziness of everyday life goes to a whole new level. I wonder how many people, in what seems to be their out of control lives, seek peace and balance. If only….you had more time…weren’t so busy…didn’t have to go to this event…could get more sleep…weren’t so stressed. If only…

I’m not an expert, but I’ve found that a balanced life is way overrated and in this day and age, not likely. Nothing stops because you are stressed. The world keeps moving, changing and it is fast paced. Period. It is in this business and search for balance that the enemy begins to mess with you. You begin to compare your life with others, you begin to complain about your situation and the next thing you know, you’re discontent, unhappy, you begin to drift away from the very thing, the very one you need to press into. All I can do is tell you what I’ve have learned because I have been there. I get it.

I prayed for God to help. He didn’t seem to answer or His response was slow in coming. Then one morning, as I cried and complained to Him once more, I heard Him say – focus on the main thing. The main thing? What in the world does that mean? I have a bizillion main things!

The main thing is our relationship with God and people. The main thing is what you’ve been put on this planet to do. The main thing is building up others as you build up the kingdom of God. Maybe your focus is off and you need to fix your eyes on your main thing. You’ve been called to move mountains, to change culture in our society today. What you’ve been called takes stretching, growth, prayer and focus. What is your main thing that you need to align your focus with God’s vision? Fix your eyes on that and everything else will seem to fall away or fall into place.


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