Great Guest Experiences are Personal

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Great Guest Experiences are Personal

I headed to Nordstrom in my final act of preparation before the conference, shopping for the perfect new shoes. In my mind, every day was laid out perfectly. Our goal, to make sure every guest had a personal and memorable experience while they were with us. New shoes somehow is that final detail needed to, well, put my best foot forward. All I wanted was to look my best for the entire three days. It was a little thing, but it was a big thing to me.

I found the perfect shoes and asked to try them on in my size when the salesman said, nope, we only have those in a four and a half! (who wears a four and a half?) I found another pair and he said, nope, we only have those in a 4 and proceeded to remind me that I was coming in at the end of a sale and I should not have expected to get what I wanted.

I left so disappointed and annoyed that this guy, whose job is to serve guests and sell shoes allowed me to leave feeling unwelcomed and foolish.

When people find the courage to walk through our front doors on a weekend, what do you think they are expecting? Do they have an expectation in their minds of how their experience with us will go? Are they anticipating an encounter with God that will change the course of their lives forever? Or, are they just trying to find a safe place where they belong. Our guests have an expectation, good or bad. It’s is up to us to create a personal experience the exceeds anything they could have conjured up in their mind. We can’t let them walk out disappointed and feeling foolish for coming.

After I got a coffee, I went back into the store and this time I was met by Ricci. Ricci noticed me as soon as I started looking at the shoes. He anticipated options that he thought I might like, and he went on the search to find me the perfect fit. He treated me like I was the only one in the store, doted over me, talked to me, cared about what I wanted. He was there to serve me, the guest. Not only did Ricci find me the shoes I was looking for, he found me another pair that I had to have. I walked out buying two pairs of shoes from Ricci as the other salesman stood at the register and watched.

All I wanted was to feel pretty. Ricci did just that and I will go back because of him.

Your guests expect a Ricci experience. Our presentation of service from the parking lot to the platform prepares their hearts for God to do what He wants to do. Getting it right matters. People come wanting to feel better about themselves. They wonder if anyone will notice them and do they really matter? God has brought them to our front door. He’s handing them off to us and He expects that we will take great care in caring for them.

We have some of the best folks on our team that do everything they can to make sure that every encounter they have with our guests is one that exceeds expectations. To sum it all up:

  • Notice your guests – they are easy to spot
  • Smile and touch them. Do you know that some people are never touched and a handshake is a big deal?
  • Anticipate what they might need. Directions, a seat, help checking their kids in
  • Look them in the eye and engage with them. Standing in front of you is a person who simply wants to belong and be loved.
  • Connect with them before they leave to answer any questions they may have. Help them in any way that you can. Make them feel as if they are the only person in the building, that they are special and that they matter.

It’s a little thing, but it is a big thing to them.


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