Can you hear it?

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Touching People

” The assumption that we are done changing prevents us from pursuing positive growth. We can drift to a form of complacency that comes from thinking we are done being refined.” Adam Johnson

Are we settling for what we see? Or are we listening to the call from God that there is so much more? Listen. Can you hear Him?

As many of us step into a time of fasting and prayer for God’s direction in 2017, I sense this year is somehow going to be different. It’s going to be a year like we’ve never experienced before. It seems as if a line is being drawn and we, as God’s people, are being called out to do and be different this year.

What we have known, the status quo, is no longer good enough. We are in a battle. Not just for our lives, but for the eternal lives of others. For those in our neighborhoods, nation and world. We are being called to rise up, stand up, stand out and move! We can only win if we first begin on our knees in repentance, forgiveness, fasting, and prayer. This is a time to cleanse and lay it all out before the Lord. Hold nothing back. For the Lord wants to use you in a powerful way in 2017. There is not turning back.

Hear the sound of the march. The drums beat as the race begins. Feel the fight rise up and the rush of heat in your face. Resolved to run full force into your destination and destiny! You will not let fear grip you ever again. You have wrestled with the enemy and come through victorious! You have leaned in and cried out the name above all names and He is with you. He is you shield and fortress. You have the strength of a thousand warriors at your disposal. You only need shout the cry. You will not lay silent but shout the battle cry.

Evil will fall at the sound of our cry. Evil will run at the sound of us coming. Evil will have no choice but to surrender and die as we overcome his schemes. We will no longer be silent and still, but will rise up and fight. We are the mighty army that has been called of God to rise up, not give up. Speak out, not shrink back. We are not called to retreat but to advance. I hear the sound of the march. Can you hear it? Can you feel the ground rumbling as it advances? You are surrounded by a mighty army and the enemy can not harm you. The victory is ours! This is your marching orders! God has given us the victory. Let’s go mighty men and women of God! Let’s march!


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