Forgiveness isn’t easy

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Go For Your Moments

It really does begin with Forgiveness

When we found out that my father had terminal lung cancer I realized that if I were going to have an impact in his life during this season, I would have to forgive so I could love and care for him. I knew he needed to see Jesus and he would never be able to if I had any resentment towards him. It is funny how forgiveness erases anger and bitterness and replaces it with genuine love. He and I share the same birthday and I will forever be reminded of how his life and mine were intertwined. And, in some ways, I am like him and that’s okay. In order for God to move you forward you have to first stop and forgive. Your freedom and breakthrough will only come on the other side of forgiveness.

Lets face it, forgiveness is hard! It does not come naturally for most of us. Our instinct to protect and defend ourselves takes over and we justify why it’s ok to not forgive. We may even consciously choose not to forgive. But, if we truly want to be more like Jesus. If our deepest desire is to be happy, then we have to forgive. God will help you. It starts with you just saying the words, “I chose to forgive” Forgiveness turns anger and bitterness into an inexplicable love for others (including the one who hurt you).

It is my prayer that forgiveness become the most natural thing in the world for us. I pray we are able to forgive quickly so that we can love people freely and deeply.


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