Connect this Easter – A Smile Can Change Everything!

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Our team huddles occur one hour prior to services. One component we include in every huddle is heart. If we don’t lead with it, then we are just going to work. When we lead with the why we do what we do, our teams respond differently. They step out of the huddle with expectation and excitement for the day and how God is going to use them. We share what we call a “One Day” story of a person whose life has been radically changed because of them. This story is from one of our volunteers who came to church last Easter.

Here is Krista’s story:

On Easter 2012, as I pulled into the parking lot, I sat and stared at the building. I thought, “good grief this place is HUGE.” I was completely freaked out as I just sat in my car. This really nice SUV pulled up next to me and this put together couple gets out with these two adorable little girls. I thought to myself, “I don’t belong here. People like that don’t see people like me,” and at that moment, the woman turned to my car and smiled. I thought, “alright God Ill get out.” I followed them towards the building since I didn’t know where to go. The greeter at the door gave me one look and asked if she could help me. I admitted to her that I was a first time visitor and she helped me inside and directed me where to go. Once inside, an usher directed me to a section that had plenty of seating. I started praying to God please find me a seat quickly!

Pastor’s message was meant for me. All of the struggles I couldn’t overcome on my own were laid out in the message. I realized everyone can have a “One Day” to lay it all down and start new. I prayed that prayer for the first time and in my heart I felt this weight lifted from me. I had NEVER experienced anything like it before.
As I sat through service the following weekend, I found myself feeling part of the church even though I was there alone. I wasn’t scared to interact or smile with the people around me. Everyone’s friendliness was quite infectious. 

Champions Centre really is Team Church and I’m so excited to be a part of that team. I will never forget April 7th, 2012. I pray that God will use me to bring others to Champions Centre. To give them the opportunity I had to experience their One Day. 

This Easter as your teams step out to serve, remind them that they create the experience that will open up hearts and minds to hear the Word of God and respond.

I would love to know what stands out to you in this story.


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