Design of Connection at Champions Centre

posted by robinrmccoy May 7, 2013 0 comments

The design of Connection at Champions Centre is fluid… Always moving always changing. If you are responsible to people for their continued growth and forward movement, then you need to be willing to watch the emotional responses of the experiential design you have created.

Here are some components of your weekend experience to observe:

  • Are people moved? Inspired? Do they feel compelled to continue to come back for more?
  • Have you represented Jesus in the most dynamic, compelling platform that causes people to want to belong to a move of God?

After all, would you give everything you have, heart and soul, to an environment that was just a place to visit? Or would you lay down your life for the opportunity to belong to a continued exciting, vibrant experience that will ultimately change the world?

That’s what we are always working on… Building the very best environment for people to say yes, week after week, to Jesus.


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