The weekend is not all about getting people connected…

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As I reflect on another amazing weekend at Champions Centre, I am moved just thinking about the people I met at our VIP tent.  For them, this was no ordinary weekend.

For the young firefighter who says he has hit rock bottom and decided to come to church, the young wife and mother who tells me as she sobs that her husband, a soldier who has recently returned from Afghanistan has asked for a divorce and all I could do was hug her while she cried, and for another young women who cries as she tells me her mother suddenly passed away this past week, this was no ordinary day. In the midst of our regular weekend services, these people all had a “One Day”  encounter with the living God and they found hope.

On this one day, all three chose to recommit their lives to Jesus after being far away from him for years. And God chose me to be the person they connected with and I am still in awe of my encounter with them.

Sometimes, the primary goal of our connection process at Champions Centre is not about connecting people to something or someone, but it is about connecting with people at their very real moment of need. And in this moment, all we need to do is be there, listen and love them just like Jesus.

The distinction is this…Connection is never about the role, it’s about the goal…loving people, loving God and doing whatever we can to Connect them to life! What an honor and privilege to be the hands and feet of Jesus in our church as we get to watch God in action in the lives of people. Have a great week and Connect with someone today!


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