Truth – Presentation Is Everything

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Truth - Presentation Is Everything

She walked through the doors, stepping into the back of the room and quickly tried to find a seat. She didn’t know any of these people and she felt as if every eye was on her, sizing her up and judging her. The weight of her sin did not need to be pointed out to her. She knew all that she had done. She knew she was condemned and had already sentenced herself to a life of imprisonment. She did not have an expectation of being touched that day, but God swiftly swept in and took captive her thoughts and her heart. As the truth of who God really is washed over her, the weight of her sins begin to fall to the ground like stones falling from her hands. And that day, in that little church in a little town, she met Jesus for the first time and her life would never be the same.

The truth of who God is and why Jesus came is like that. He doesn’t judge or condemn. We do that just fine all on our own. Though people may size you up and judge you based on what they see, Jesus only looks at your heart and He doesn’t condemn you.

How the truth of God is presented matters. As Christians, we can either size people up or we can pray that God help us see them through His eyes. The woman in that little church building gave her life to Jesus that day. That woman in that little church, was me. I had no expectation of salvation from my life. I was condemned. But Jesus bent down, drew a line in the sand and from that moment forward, I was free.

Our presentation of truth matters. It mattered to me and it matters to others. “Woman, where are they? Does no one condemn you?” …“Neither do I,” said Jesus.


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