Longing to Belong

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Why do we take this amazing life and all that we’ve been given for granted? This past Saturday night, I was reminded of how very blessed our family is and how God takes care of all that is mine. He continues to bless, even when I get so busy that I forget to notice.

I was preparing to leave church when my daughter calls and I hear, Mom, we’ve been in an accident, we’ve been rear ended. I find out where they are, run to my car and begin to pray as I drove as fast as I could to find them.

I arrive on the scene to find, one of our team leaders, standing there helping everyone. I run to my family to make sure everyone is okay and the next several hours begin to unfold as the police and tow trucks arrive. Within moments of my arrival on the scene, I received a phone call from friends making sure we were okay, offering to turn around and help. Another friend sees us, turns his car around to see if we are okay. Texts begin to come saying, we are praying and asking if we are okay or needed anything. Constant concern and care kept flooding in as we stood beside the side of the road. As we stood there, I noticed that no one was there embracing the girls that hit my family. They were just as upset and scared and I suspect hurt from the impact. No one called or stopped to love on them.

This is the perfect picture of what community looks like and what the absence of community looks like. When I got home I was so overwhelmed and grateful to God that my family was safe and that I was there with them. I was so thankful that there are so many people in our lives that know and love us that they were there via text, prayers, and in person in the moment that we needed them. And I was sad for the girls that did not have the same experience. I think that as they watched us, they saw something in community that they longed for.

My question for all of us is this, who is standing beside of the road, alone that needs to be in community? Who is in our services that is standing there unnoticed and all they want is to be seen and embraced? I challenge us all to connect with others we don’t know. Don’t leave them standing beside the road longing for community. What we have is incredible and we are unbelievably blessed. And if you are one of those people standing on the side of the road longing to belong, I want to encourage you to get connected to a life group and a team. It is when we walk through life, side by side with others, we step into the blessed life God has for us. Get connected to the life you are meant to have. Much Love to you all! Have a great day!

You thrill me, Lord, with all you have done for me! I sing for joy because of what you have done. Psalm 92


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