Leaders – Don’t lose your wonder.

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I remember the absolute wonder and awe when I came on staff at Champions Centre. It is an honor to be able to do what I do. As staff and as leaders, let us not lose that wonder of what we get to do and let’s inspire our teams to remember why we do what we do. Here is a Facebook re-post from earlier this week. I hope it inspires you:

As I watched and listened to people who came to opening night of Scrooge, listening to the laughter at every funny comment along the way in the script, the gasps when Scrooge takes the coins from a blind beggars cup, the awe as the angles fly and I thought, I remember that… I remember when I first saw this production my first year on staff. I remember the wonder, the awe, the excitement of getting to the church early to get ready for the next performance, I remember…

When did it go from I can’t believe I get to be here and do this, to it being just something ordinary we do? When did my gratitude in the experience of it all wane? What other things have now become so commonplace that I take them for granted. My home, my job, my family…

And most of all, when did the incredible story of the birth of our Lord become ordinary? Imagine the picture of this One Day. Imagine if you were a shepherd and an angel appeared to you followed by heavens armies of angels all singing Glory to God! Imagine the wonder of that moment. There is nothing ordinary or common about it.

There is nothing ordinary or common about you or your life either. Stand in awe of the Glory of our God. Praise him today with a heart of gratitude that really reflects the wonder of all that God has done and is doing. You are called. You have been chosen by God to bring this extraordinary, glory filled, awe inspired word of God to life for a dying world. Rejoice today! Jesus, our Lord and Savior is born!

My prayer is that today, you rekindle the awe and wonder of the life given for you and the life that has been given to you. What an incredible life we get to live!

“Then suddenly there appeared with the angel an army of the troops of heaven (a heavenly knighthood), praising God and saying, Glory to God in the highest [heaven], and on earth peace among men with whom He is well pleased [men of goodwill, of His favor]” Luke 2:13 AMP


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